In this section, a number of participatory training techniques are described. Facilitators who are not familiar with a particular method are strongly advised to use the descriptions below in conjunction with the exercise described within the Resource Pack.

The following techniques are described.

1. Small groups

2. Brainstorming

3. Case studies

4. Checklists

5. Discussion exercises

• Buzz groups

• Debates

• Fishbowl exercise

• Plenaries

• Triads

6. Lectures and presentations

7. Questions (and answers) – devising questions and questionnaires

8. Using visual images and diagrams – diagram, photo and video exercises

9. Producing songs, posters, poems

10. Personal reflection – diaries and logs

11. Role plays

12. Simulations

13. Using cards – situation cards, ranking, sorting, and prioritising

14. Problem solving

• Analysis

• Audits

• SWOC analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, constraints)

15. Planning exercises – action planning and critical path analysis

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