Process Evaluation

Process Evaluation (or Formative Evaluation) – occurs while the training is being designed, developed, and delivered. It allows trainers to determine what needs to change in their training plans and delivery so that a training session or program will be most effective for participants.

By evaluating team’s process and progress as each stage is completed in the training creation process we can be sure we have addressed all the issues and taken the necessary steps that go into a successful training. Every step along the way needs to be appraised and evaluated before moving on to the next one. This covers evaluating progress in the Needs Assessment, Design, and Development stages of training development.

Process Evaluation – Needs Assessment

Needs assessment (also called a needs analysis) usually isn’t thought of as a step in the evaluation process. But in fact, curriculum design, development, delivery and evaluation all circle back to the information we obtained during the needs assessment process. The evaluation conducted at the very end of training will shed light on whether or not the training adequately addressed the gaps in knowledge and skills identified during the needs assessment process.

Once the needs assessment process is completed, we need to consider its results and assess what worked, did not work, and where we need to go back and attempt to get additional information.

This can be done by using the following simple checklist:

• Were the appropriate people involved in identifying the needs of target population?

• Was a comprehensive analysis conducted or were the results too narrow?

• Would additional methods provide more useful input, (e.g. a focus group or a questionnaire)?

• Would repeating a previously used method, but with more participants and information provide more useful input?

• Are more interviews needed to identify the needs of underrepresented participants?

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