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Your personal portfolio (sometimes we also refer to it as your CV) is a summary of your workplace and educational experience. Typical layout of our personal portfolio.



The purpose of your personal portfolio is to provide evidence to the ETQA department (Education Training Quality Authority) of the relevant SETA that you have the scope (the range of an individual’s knowledge and practical/workplace experience) to either provide training, assess or moderate learners in that field. The rule that normally apply to all SETA’s are: a) two years or more workplace experience or b) a qualification/achievement of a higher level.


The ETQA Managers will follow the following steps.

  • Identify the unit standards in your application that you require scope for.
  • They then look at the following:

o   They first confirm that the unit standards belong to their SETA by looking at the bottom of the unit standard. (see what qualifications its linked to and what SETA’s can approve these qualifications)

o   Look at the range statement and embedded knowledge on the unit standard for specific instructions on facilitation, assessment or moderation options. (most unit standards don’t have any special requirements)

o   Identify the different specific outcomes and the assessment criteria on the unit standard and match this to your personal portfolio to confirm you have the scope for the area. Pay special attention to the different terminology used in different companies and on the unit standard. You may want to make reference or include different terminology or terms used on your application or CV/personal portfolio to illuminate confusion.


Proof of your competency and scope will be requested during the following processes.


-Recruitment and appointment of training & educational staff.

-Submission of new skills programmes for approval.

-Training provider accreditation process.

-Site visits conducted by the SETA.

-Form part of the Quality Management Policy for delivery, where the training provider confirm that only qualified and experienced trainers/facilitator will be used to deliver learning material.


-Qualified Assessors must register/link themselves to the different SETA with the unit standards and request approval to assess someone on a specific unit standard. This process is also referred to as “scope”.

-The Assessor can only assess a learner on a given unit standard if you already a) completed the registration/linking process of the relevant SETA and b) received confirmation from the SETA that he have the scope to assess learners in that unit standard.

-Assessors must also request to be linked to a specific training provider. This process must be done in writing and the following must be in place before this process can be completed. [ a) letter of employment or b) memorandum of agreement on file + a signed copy of rules of conduct]

-During the administration process, the learner will be linked to the assessors name in the SETA’s database. The assessor will only appear in the database if a) he/she is registered with that SETA, b) have the scope to assess the unit standard and c) is linked to the Training Provider). The training provider will not be able to certify and upload the learners if these processes were not followed.


-The same process as for Assessor will be followed to registered Moderators.

-As per the requirements for unit standard 115759 must all moderators a) be registered assessors and b) have the scope to moderate in the specific field and c) completed at least 6 assessments for new qualified individuals.


Assessors and moderators can request the required application documents directly from the different SETA’s. SETA’s may also request all applicants to re-apply or update their documents after a set period. This period is normally 3 years from registration or linking to the SETA. Process to follow:

a)      First determine the different unit standards you want to register with.

b)      Then determine the SETA’s they registered with or the SETA you want to use. (The responsible SETA’s will appear at the bottom of the unit standard)

c)      Request or download the application form their website and complete all fields as far as possible.

d)     Include a detailed copy of your CV/personal portfolio.

e)      Include certified copies of your ID book and copies of your achievements in this pack. (date stamped not older than 3 months).

f)       Contact the SETA directly and contact the local of the closest ETQA manager to you.


Full Names: Your Name
Surname : Your Surname
ID Number : 790629 4512 085
Gender : Female
Physical Address : XXXXXXXXXXXXJohannesburg1234
Postal Address: XXXXXXXXXXXXJohannesburg1234
Contact Detail : Tel: 073 4541 225Cell: 084 9881 979Fax: 084655424312Email:
Languages :
Read Write Read Write
Afrikaans Y Y Sesotho
English Y Y Setswana
isiNdebele siSwati
isiXhosa Tshivenda
isiZulu Xitsonga
Criminal Record : None
Drivers License : Code 08
Nationality : South African
References : Miss XXPrevious EmployerTel. 08264512121Mr BBWWSSPrevious EmployerCell. 085451212132



Education : Value AddedMqhawe highMatric (Grade 12)
Work History : * Ethekwini Municipality 2000 (4 Years)* Waitressing 2010 (6 Months)* Battery Centre 2011 (10 Months)* Staff Training Skills 2012 to date 
Registration and scope with SETA’s : WRSETA


  • Facilitator – 2012
  • Assessor – 2012
  • Moderator – 2012




Ref: Detail / Provider Course Experience Date or period of experience. Field
1 Value Added High School Grade 12 Metric Education
2 Sports Club Coaching -Couching of learners and children with general fitness activities.-Induction to new members. 20022 Years in total Coaching
3 Unisa Teaching numeracy & literacy This does not help at all. What did this include? Education
Managing project This does not help at all. What did this include? ??????? Project Management
4 Trainyoucan Telesales This does not help at all. What did this include? ??????? Telesales
Effective communication skills This does not help at all. What did this include? ??????? Communication
5 Trainyoucan Receptionist and front line.-Venue Hire-Bookings-POE Control-External customer communication-Manage bookings and invoicing.-Office stationary control.-Venue hire stock control.-General and temp staff control.


2009 to date ReceptionistStock ControlCustomer Service
6 Computer operation.-Email, Internet operation-Online helpdesk support-Learnership database control.-Certification of learners.-Learner correspondence.-Accounting and invoicing.-Editing and managing bulk printing.-Skype online support 2009 to date Computer Operation

  • Customer Service


Question : Does it say anywhere on your portfolio that you can operate a computer, browser the internet or send and receive emails?

You mentioned on your portfolio that you have receptionist experience. Question : Did you mention that you have:

  • more than 2 years experience in this field,
  • that this experience include answering and making telephone calls,
  • that you have experience working with a executive switchboard or just a home telephone,
  • that you controlled parcels and stock,
  • access control of security ,
  • worked with different departments and a staff complement of more than 5 people,
  • communicating messages through to different staff,
  • handle customer queries and complaints or
  • ordering of supplies.


Provider US ID Qualification Date Achieved Credits
KZNFootprints 117871 Train the Trainer ??????? ???????
115753 Conduct Assessments ??????? ???????
115759 Conduct Moderation ??????? ???????
Trainyoucan NA Telesales ???????
NA Effective communication skills ???????
NA Management  & leadership skills ???????


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